Seeds Unsown (2007​-​2012)

by Eddplant



When I started making music in 2007, it was largely for my own enjoyment. Through a number of experiments and circumstances I have ended up making and releasing Folk and Pop Punk material, but it hasn't always been that way.

This collection showcases a few of the original pieces that I made on my way to where I am now, that never really lined up with anything else. It also features demos of songs that were eventually reworked to fit on larger works.


released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Eddplant UK

Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter and Pop Punk Nostalgic Ed Blann has been writing and recording music since 2007, releasing as Eddplant since debut EP "Two Thousand and Eight"

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Track Name: Dead Inside
I didn’t hear what you just said

I heard the voices in my head

I listened to them in your stead

but just like you they want me dead 

Establish your environment
Come to bed 

Establish your environment
Before you lose your head 

Establish your environment 
before you end up dead 

Dead inside
Track Name: Running Out Of Gas
I am running out of gas

Need to stop, before i drop
'Cause there’s no one to pick me up

I need a fix-me-up

Fill me with your soul

Give me words from your heart

that will set us apart

Show me something
we don't have in common

Take me home

I need to be alone

Will you be alone with me?

Take my hand

I'll show you the way

We're running out of today

I've said what I have to say

I only wanted to play

Won't you stay?

I was having so much fun
Tell me I'm the one

You told me once before, 
have i changed?

You haven't changed, not at all

You're just as beautiful

If you'd only stop walking away

Please don't go

I want to let you know

Whats going through my mind
I want to spend more time with you

I heal with you around
The wounds that you lay bare
Forge new skin from within

And the flesh is restored

Leave me alone

The scars you leave repulse me
I can hardly bear to look at you

Just go

The scar tissue that was my heart 
must be stilled

It doesn't help that the air is so chilled

A thousand apologies
is not enough for you, it seems

Do unto me what is necessary
And let me back in your heart
Track Name: Untitled (Can't Find The Words) (Demo)
Sometimes I'm angry,
and sometimes I hurt
but mostly I miss you
and I can't find the words
If I say, 'I love you'
You misunderstand
You just say 'I love you'
You won't take my hand

I've been trying to tell you
in my words and my deeds
Just what you mean to me
But you're blind to my needs

I can tell you I love you
and it won't mean a thing
For the words may have meaning
but you're not listening
Still I stand on your shoulder
Light and darkness combined
Playing conscience and reason
Until we intertwine

Maybe I should forget you
Shut you out of my life
Take my refuge in darkness
Block out your light
Seek salvation in solace
Brave my heart in the cold
Keep your memory sacred
So you never grow old

Sometimes I'm angry,
and sometimes I hurt
but mostly I miss you
and I can't find the words
Track Name: You Are Not The Voice In My Head (Demo)
I talked to you last night,
in my head
You told me it's alright
It's okay
I tried to change your mind
about me
And you told me

You can't change me
So don't change me

I started writing songs
in my head
I sang the songs to you
And you told me

You can't change me
You won't change me
Don't change me
Don't change me

And the beautiful words that I sang
in my head
And the reaction i imagine you had
It's okay
But you said


And the beautiful words that I sang
in my head
And the reaction i imagine you had
It's okay
But you said
It won't change me
You won't change me
And I said
I'm not trying
Track Name: Sunshine of Your Soul
When rain filled clouds have darkened the sky
When heartbreak has refused to die
When all I want to do is cry
The sunshine of your soul shines through

The days are darker, hard to bear
And hearts feel daily wear and tear
And when I don't know what to do
The sunshine of your soul shines through

Without our word, the world still turns
There's little that we're needed for
And when we think that we are through
The sunshine of your soul shines through

When rain filled clouds have darkened the sky
When heartbreak has refused to die
When all I want to do is cry
The sunshine of your soul shines through
Track Name: This Song
This song
This song is for
a girl
I wrote it one night
with sleep still settling in my eyes
This verse
This verse is all about
missing you
I couldn't sleep with you here next to me
so I'm sleeping with my thoughts and quiet tunes

This night
This night is closing in
on me
The curtains are drawn
and only streetlight filters through
This heart
This heart it beats in longing
to know you
I close my eyes, my senses fade
and I remember our fingers intertwined
Track Name: Frozen Snow
Frozen snow cracks beneath my feet
and I feel every wrong I ever inflicted
Sweet-scented smoke fills my lungs
and all I taste is what you could've meant to me
if not for growing up, or moving on,
or oceans I can't cross
I'll take to pen and paper,
stroke these metal strings
to express my hope, my dreams, my loss

I wish I had an affinity for photographs
or how they look in black and white, stuck to my wall
A fictional storyboard of memories and happy times
might pull me out of drowning pools in my head
And I am waking up, I'm changing,
I am constantly in flux
One moment happy to be me
the next just praying to be "us"

The pavement underneath me shines
like glitter on the page
of home-made christmas cards
from much-loved friends
Your star begins to rise
Rise up to the surface
but don't climb up too high
because I like you fallen

Frozen snow has turned to ice
it catches me off guard and i am slipping
past darkened windows, and empty cars
with just my shadow for company
I will bask in my redundancy
as the lyrics write themselves
and then my fingers pick a tune from this guitar

I am blinded by the streetlight
like a deer on country lanes
and I am falling
Track Name: Nothing To Worry About
I feel like I should tell you
not to worry
Just believe me
when I tell you I'm okay
Cos I don't want to bore you
and most of the time
I'm just mildly under the weather,
nothing to worry about anyway

My mind is not predictable
Don't worry
I'm not violent
when I'm sober at least
Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I
just want to die
It's an honest to god close to
attempted suicidal feeling

And I
don't want to burden you with
the knowledge that maybe
I'd pluck up the courage
Because the feeling's too short lived
for me to try

I'm always bringing myself down
out of habit
I can't deal with being
happy all the time
So I'll find something to criticise,
like the state of my room,
or how I'm not quite where I want to be
Even if I'm getting closer every day

I feel like shit, but I won't say
What's the use?
When you're a hundred miles
of telegraph poles away
So if anybody asks
I'll tell them I'm fine
Cause I know I'd never pluck up the courage,
Nothing to worry about

But I
Can't seem to keep on top of
the knowledge that maybe
I could end this struggle
And i don't know what I want you to do

Well I'm
Sorry to burden you with
the knowledge that maybe
I'll pluck the courage
I just thought that you'd like to know